Feb 11, 2012

My birthday 2012 - 9/Feb

First , I want to thanks to all my friend that have wish me for my birthday especially for those who remember my birthday that in 9/Feb and thanks for those who wish me in facebook , twitter , and real life . Next , I wan special thanks to my friend that named Viicky , Chian Pin , Meng Thow , Edmond , Kah Ming , Nick Jean and Wai Kit, they are my friend that have given me a special present that I kinda like it and appreciated . I upload the photo that the present that gave by them at below of this sentence.

Not just that , I wanted to thanks for my family and my second sister's bf that have celebrated my birthday in home . I don't mind where it was , got celebrate it then I happy enough . Add on , for my papa thanks for the present that you gave me . And I will upload those picture that they have celebrate with me in my birthday below this sentence again :D . The top left my big siter , the top right my second sister boyfriend , below right I can bet see the face is who right? Answer : My papa, i forgot to take picture with my mom and my second sister .. too bad .

END . 

Dec 18, 2011

Christmas is coming soon

So , sorry for late post because of my lazyness to play blogging and do you know what is so special of december ? Is Christmas that in 25th December . So did you have plan well your Christmas Party ? Well , I don't ! Sad doesn't it , but is alright with me . This year Christmas 2011 I will plan a gift present to my friends at shopping mall but i still not yet plan well and buy those present . The teaser plan will be like that , i will buy present and if got fate met my friend in same shopping mall i will gift them as Christmas Gift ! So you want it ? Stay tuned and yeah i will be choose on Christmas Eve for doing that .

Nov 9, 2011

Update , Sorry for my laziness :)

I have long time didn't blogging because I just busy work out about my school test and assignments before this .

Now even still is a school day but my mom gaves me to stay home or go out play :) .

Thanks mom <3 but this few days I not feeling well i just stay at home watch tv . play facebook , twitter and so on .

Hmmm, nowadays I not really blogging already because I really damn lazy ! and nothing special to update so I didn't update about it .

See when I found something special to update , I will update <3

Ciao !

Aug 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Puasa 1/Ogos

So today is hari puasa , long time I didn't update my bloggie so I am just update some short post to it :)

So I gonna wish those person who is in puasa , Selamat Hari Puasa ,after 7 remember eat as many as u can ya :)

Take care

Jul 4, 2011

Back to Study Life 4th,July

After our 2nd term exam have end =-=

then today need go back to school and study study study !

i quite dislike this ... , but we must to as our student job

don't we =]? So study life , mode on =_= !

Books , stationary , bag , uniform , spectacles must be ready always in monday-friday ~

unless holidays ... , i wish now still is our mid-term holiday TvT

if not i already happy honeymoon already . HAHA =]


Jun 25, 2011

Preparing for 2nd week exam , 2nd term

sorry for late update :) i lazy talk about those day i take what test.

i just wanna said i still need ,




If not my result is gonna so bad :O! The next Monday , not taking exam :) so i having more time to revision!

and for students who still taking exam, Good Luck !

Jun 20, 2011

1st Day Exam , 2nd term 20/Jun

actually this post nothing special just talking about exam :)

today take BM 1 and 2 test !

one word . HARD!!

make me feel wanna throw the question paper !

tomorrow take english test paper !

Revision !

Revision !

Revision !